Active Research

Loon LLC:
Providing affordable and reliable high-speed cellular networks to remote communities.

University of Toronto

Peru’s internet infrastructure is highly susceptible to natural disasters and remain nonexistent in some parts of the country—specifically parts of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Through a public-private partnership between the government of Peru and Loon, an Alphabet Inc subsidiary company that provides High-altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) in the form of balloons, previously unserved areas were provided with internet access and critical information was shared through restored connectivity in the wake of several large-scale natural disasters. While Loon’s operation in Peru did not achieve commercial success, resulting in the company’s shut down in January 2021, this research will analyze how Loon provided internet connectivity to hard to reach populations in Peru. The study will also explore how private-public partnerships can provide affordable commercial internet access around the world.

The Hard to Reach

Communities without access to internet connectivity due to lack of infrastructure, natural disasters or remote regions.