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Stay Within Reach: Join Reach’s Global Alumni Network

Over the years, the Reach Alliance has cultivated a diverse group of changemakers, problem solvers and purpose-driven leaders.  

Reach alumni bring together global perspectives, a diversity of viewpoints, best practices from around the world – and most importantly share them to bring about positive change not as individuals but as a community.  

In the spirit of building and growing the Reach alumni community, fostering connections and knowledge sharing, the Alliance launched its alumni portal networking platform. This new alumni portal and networking platform are excellent spaces for alumni to connect and engage with other Reach alumni globally. 

“One thing that makes the Reach alumni community really special is that because the mission is ongoing, alumni feel an ongoing commitment to it,” shares Rushay Naik, Reach Alumnus. “What’s nice about the alumni network is with every year here are new alumni, and that wave continues to grow. There are cohorts above me that have guided me as I’ve navigated my experience out of Reach. It’s something I hope to share as well with researchers as they emerge from this new learning environment and this new research environment.” 

The Alliance’s objective is to create a valuable tool to help alumni support, connect and network with other alumni, help alumni in their professional and personal journeys, and facilitate avenues for alumni to stay within Reach. 

“There are so many ways that we as Reach alum can contribute to the Reach Alliance alumni network, such as sharing job and event opportunities and inspiring thought leadership on the Sustainable Development Goals,” says Marin Macleod, Reach Alliance Executive Director. 

Through the Reach Alliance alumni portal, researchers who have completed their case study reports will have the ability to:

As the Reach Alliance continues to expand to various global universities, the alumni community will grow – allowing the networking portal to be a resource full of value, perspectives, knowledge and opportunity for impact. 

“When I look forward ten years, I imagine there being hundreds, if not thousands, of Reach alumni around the world, all of whom accelerate themselves in a position of impact, generating new knowledge and building networks and communities of practitioners that didn’t exist before,” says Joseph Wong, Founder of Reach Alliance.  

Learn more about the Reach Alliance and our global alumni network here: