Reach Alliance Year-End Review

“Our global community made many important contributions to the evidence base about how to reach the hardest to reach this year – the humility, curiosity, and dedication that Reach researchers bring to bear on the Sustainable Development Agenda is inspiring, and I know that we are just getting started”, Marin MacLeod, Executive Director, Reach Alliance.

As the calendar year draws to a close, we continue our commitment to the broad and universal policy agenda known as the 2030 Agenda. Over the past twelve months, our collective endeavors have propelled us through a landscape of discovery, innovation, and collaboration. This includes regional convenings, publications, case study insights, participating in international conferences, and so much more. As we prepare to turn the page into a new year, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the milestones we’ve achieved, the knowledge we’ve garnered, and the pathways we’ve forged. This year-end review encapsulates not just empirical advancements but also the spirit of inquiry, resilience in the face of challenges, and the unwavering dedication of our global community to pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

Let’s take a moment to pause, contemplate, and celebrate the moments and accomplishments that have defined this year.

See our 2023 achievements here.  

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our incredible network throughout the years and joined us in working toward global, sustainable development and reaching the last mile. We wish you a joyous New Year and look forward to exciting updates in the coming year!