Who Can Apply?

To be eligible to be a Reach researcher, you must be an undergraduate or graduate student who is registered for the full next academic year (Fall & Winter) at the University of Toronto.

Reach researchers are recruited from a variety of disciplines and academic backgrounds, such as: engineering, business, law, global affairs & public policy, public health, medicine, social sciences, and more. Reach research teams are unique due to their interdisciplinary and collaborative nature. This diversity of perspectives brings different lenses to the research process. Students learn from their peers and the experience prepares them for future collaboration in the workplace.

An ideal candidate will have the following qualities: 

Ability to Prioritize: Demonstrated ability to manage competing priorities and has dedicated time in their schedule to fulfill responsibilities and produce deliverables on time.

Global Citizenship: Desire to build awareness about some of the world’s hardest to reach populations and passionate about playing an active role in building a more equitable and sustainable global community. A genuine interest in sustainable development and desire to contribute to advancing the SDGs in local community and beyond.

Team Player/Collaborator: Possesses strong interpersonal emotional intelligence (empathy, cooperation, negotiation, leadership and social awareness) to be able to build cooperative relationships with team members to achieve goals.

Effective Communicator: Can clearly articulate ideas and thoughts to different audiences and through various mediums of communication.

Creative & Strategic Thinker: Proven ability to handle complex tasks and questions, think creatively and leverage networks and systems of knowledge in search for new ideas and different approaches.

Lifelong Learner: Committed to learning and growing both professionally and personally. Willing and able to learn and acquire new skills quickly and effectively. Open to new experiences.

Action-Oriented: Driven to excel and shows commitment to meet both individual and team level responsibilities. Able to proactively initiate necessary actions, processes and contingencies.