Active Research

Food Insecurity in Amealco, Querétaro: Implications for a Highly Indigenous Community’s Health/Nutrition

This study is focused on food insecurity in Amealco, a marginalized community in the state of Querétaro, México where almost 60% of its population lives in poverty, with the majority being from indigenous communities (Coneval, 2020). Food security has a critical connection to health, well-being, and the proper development of individuals and societies. Using the six dimensions framework that characterizes food insecurity to guide our research – access, availability, agency, sustainability, use, and stability, this case study aims to increase the knowledge of how this issue manifests within the Amealco community and, potentially, in similar communities as well.

By identifying the underlying causes of food insecurity, appraising its impact on people’s health and well-being, and evaluating whether policy or societal interventions have had any effect, this research will facilitate the formulation of actions and recommendations to improve the health and food security of the Amealco community.