Active Research

Project MigrantPal: Harnessing digital technology to improve the well-being of the migrant workers in Singapore

Singapore Management University

Singapore has more than 400,000 migrant workers, working mainly in the construction, marine shipyard and process sector. Migrant workers are a vital cog in keeping Singapore running, from keeping our streets clean, building hospitals and schools, doing a whole host of thankless tasks that many locals would shun. These unsung heroes have generally been unnoticed, bordering on the lines of treating them as invisible, the Covid-19 Pandemic has cast a light on the plights of these workers and has exposed gaping holes in the welfare of these workers. Whilst there have been efforts to improve their welfare, more can be done. Hence, this research aims to understand and determine the feasibility of digital technologies to help to bridge some of these gaps and help to improve the wellbeing of these everyday heroes.