Active Research

SMART+: Revolutionizing Nutrition Assessments

University of Toronto

Malnutrition remains a pressing challenge in Kenya when considering hardly reached populations. The lack of technical capacity to collect quality descriptive data means that underrepresented populations are overlooked when designing solutions to the double burden of undernutrition and overweight/obesity. In April 2023, Action Against Hunger Canada launched a web-based initiative called SMART+ to improve the primary collection and analysis of malnutrition assessment data. This tool was developed in participation with multi-level stakeholders and the Kenyan government to streamline integration into existing policy systems.

This case study will investigate the ability of data digitization to facilitate the conversion of political momentum into a measurable reduction in malnutrition in hard-to-reach communities in Kenya. The team will also consider how the integration of SMART+ data into local systems, like decentralised health facilities, can empower local civil society actors.