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The sociocultural impact of pollution in urban rivers. Case study: Arroyo Vivo and Distrito Campana-Altamira

Arroyo Seco is a wide, shallow stream located in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey, in Nuevo León, Mexico. Nevertheless, this State is identified as an area with low availability of groundwater and surface water. Campana-Altamira, a District located in the central-southern part of the city, was established at the confluence of two mountains and the flow of Arroyo Seco. A relevant problem arised as the runoff that feeds Arroyo Seco was modified to build infrastructure. Additionally, the process of unorganized urbanization of the District and its immediate context have deteriorated its image through the presence of stagnant and contaminated water, garbage and debris.

This investigation aims to analyze the impact of Arroyo Seco’s anthropogenic pollution in the aesthetic inspiration, cultural identity, feeling of attachment to the land and other cultural services in its neighboring community, the Campana-Altamira