Active Research

Health Education on Heart Failure in Uganda

University of Toronto

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is on the rise in Uganda and is responsible for roughly 10% of deaths that occur in the country. CVD affects its victims with debilitating symptoms and has high rates of hospitalization that can overwhelm healthcare systems. In order to address this issue, TRANSFORM Heart Failure (HF) partnered with Uganda Heart Institute (UHI) and Yale University to co-develop and implement the Medly Uganda program. Medly Uganda has developed a self-care mobile health tool designed to address heart failure in Uganda. This case study focuses on how the mobile and community connections developed through Medly Uganda can be used to improve health education in Uganda on cardiovascular disease.

This research is conducted in collaboration with TRANSFORM HF. TRANSFORM HF is committed to improving healthcare approaches for heart failure, emphasizing proactive, individualized, and decentralized strategies to enhance access to equitable, high-quality cardiac care.