Active Research

Nutri-H: Iron-fortified cookies to fight anemia in Peru 

University of Toronto

While anemia rates have been decreasing globally, they have remained steady within Peru, even rising in some demographics. In response to address anemia, the largest global micronutrient deficiency, local company in Peru, Nutri-H, developed cookies enriched with locally sourced ingredients and partnered with the government to distribute the cookies to most vulnerable groups – children, adolescent women, and pregnant women.  Given the successful results showing raised hemoglobin levels in seven Peruvian communities, municipalities are partnering with Nutri-H to scale up distribution of the cookies at 22 anti-anemia programs across Peru.  

This case study will examine what the mechanisms contributed to the novel corporate structure that blends public and private sectors to incentivize the distribution of its products to those who need it most and how Nutri-H cookies.  In addition, the study will examine how Nurti-H is an example of a low-cost, low-tech innovation that adapts the food industry’s waste products to local agriculture and culture for a sustainable solution to anemia.