Active Research

Streamlining Access to Social Benefit for Internal Seasonal Migrants in India

University of Toronto

India witnesses significant seasonal rural-to-urban migration. In 2020, internal migrants, seeking work opportunities in urban centres, contributed to 10% of India’s GDP. These migrants face a complex set of challenges, including impeded access to health benefits, educational resources, housing and barriers to upward social mobility.This project seeks to identify processes and strategies to enhance access to schemes and entitlements, ultimately strengthening household resilience. In particular, this project prioritizes economic systems and government processes that provide targeted support to the most vulnerable: women, children, and seasonal migrant workers. The objective of this project is to uncover effective and cost-efficient processes that provide service linkages to the ‘last mile,’ minimise red tape, eliminate middlemen, and ensure timely and consistent delivery of social protection.

This research is conducted in collaboration with Tata Trusts. Tata Trusts operates as a philanthropic organisation supporting social and economic development across India.