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Meet our 2021 – 22 U of T Reach Researchers

The Reach Alliance is thrilled to announce the 2021-22 U of T Reach researchers!    

This year, the Reach Alliance has recruited 32 student researchers from various disciplines across the University of Toronto to investigate innovative, local solutions to pressing global challenges. The research and actionable insights produced by this network of talented researchers will advance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to our understanding of how critical interventions and innovations reach those hardest to reach.   

Mentored by U of T faculty, these skilled researchers work in teams to uncover actionable insights and provide an in-depth look at the barriers, costs, and solutions to reaching and supporting those often left behind. These actionable insights inform policymakers, global leaders, academics and development practitioners’ decision-making – ultimately accelerating the attainment of the Sustainable Development Agenda and establishing and positioning the next generation of global leaders, researchers and changemakers.  

All 32 student researchers will gain in-depth research experience from research design to implementation and publication through the Reach initiative. Additionally, these student researchers will have the chance to work in interdisciplinary teams, receive U of T faculty mentorship, team performance coaching, peer-to-peer support, a plethora of professional development workshops, networking opportunities and have the chance to be featured in leading academic, development and media outlets.  

The Reach Alliance is excited to welcome this diverse group of researchers with a shared passion for understanding and investigating how to reach those hardest to reach. Learn more about the Reach initiative and check out our latest case study insights!   

In October, the Reach Alliance will be sharing more on the formation of the Reach research teams, the U of T faculty mentors, and the selected case study interventions. Stay tuned for more! 

For more information, about our 2021 – 2022 U of T Reach Researchers, visit their profiles here.