Performance Coach

Mike Alcorn

Coach & Culture Strategist

University of Toronto

An experienced sponsorship and strategy consultant, Mike has worked with diverse organizations from conservation authorities and not-for-profits to provincial sports organizations and independent marketing agencies.  He’s authored several journal articles and case studies that draw on his keen interest to find commonalities and patterns across varied subjects. Mike’s also spent more than a decade immersed in high-performance collegiate sport as both athlete and coach with the University of Guelph Rowing Program and the Guelph Rowing Club. Open-minded and curious, he’s driven to understand and implement the many “off-field” elements that make a team successful.

Mike is moved by the words of John Wooden, “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biology, a Masters of Science in Integrative Biology, and a Masters of Arts in Sports Management. He brings adept interdisciplinary collaboration to the Sealy Coaching & Performance community of practice where we help you navigate change. We focus on clarity so that you see where you’re headed. We support you with evidence-based interventions so that you hone habits that stick. And we help you and your team build the resilience to recover confidently when change gets hard.