Performance Coach

Kanishka Sikri

Coach & Culture Strategist

University of Toronto

As a writer, coach, facilitator and consultant, Kanishka is deeply curious about how we can live into and change our ontologies: what it means to be and become alive. She uses her theoretical and research background to implement frameworks and strategic organizational change interventions with leaders and organizations to create cultural change in the workplace, in our policies, and within us and our communities. Speaking to and delivering workshops with groups from the United Nations to post-secondary education to senior leadership in the corporate and government sector, Kanishka is moved to work with clients on how our language and behaviours make certain ways of living and working possible, and others impossible. She is formally trained as an International Development Specialist (HB.A.) from the University of Toronto, and is a PhD Candidate in Gender, Feminist, & Women’s Studies at York University. Kanishka loves creative rituals, from the mundane of a yoga practice to theorizing, writing, and artistic rituals. She brings a critical-creative thinking approach to Sealy Coaching & Performance community of practice to focus on helping you navigate change. We focus on clarity so that you see where you’re headed. We support you with evidence-based interventions so that you hone habits that stick. And we help you and your team build the resilience to recover confidently when change gets hard.